Serving Up a Great Free Offer

Serving Up a Great Free Offer

There. You finished creating an offer that you’re going to market for free in exchange for people signing up on your website. It might be a product, a webinar, or an in-person presentation.

You’ve put time and effort into creating it. You wrote it up. Or recorded it. You reviewed it. You booked time in your calendar and set up your webinar. Maybe you hired someone to do some design work to support it.

You’re finally ready to put it out into the world.

And then…

Invite Clients to a Coaching Program You Love

Invite Clients to a Coaching Program You Love

It’s at the top of your to-do list: Promote coaching program offer!

Yesterday you had a couple of thoughts you wanted to say, but you can’t remember them now.

The cursor is blinking.

(It has been all morning.)

And the page is still blank.

You’ve been out to the kitchen for or five times. You brought in the mail from outside.

You remembered to open the washing machine lid after you washed the load earlier, so the tub dries out. You don’t want any dampness to turn into mold.

“That’s a thing!” your mind protests, as you remember the blinking cursor and plod back to your desk.

So, what’s really going on here?

What Are Your Ideal Clients Hungry For?

What Are Your Ideal Clients Hungry For?

You’ve got your coaching certification hung in your office, your niche and ideal client identified, and even a Facebook page set up.

You’ve just crafted an offer to sell your services, and you launch it out into the world…



You get a few likes on Facebook. A couple of emails congratulating you from your coach friends. But no takers. …

There could be many reasons why the offer hasn’t taken hold - and almost none of them have to with there not being people that need your help or your ability to help them.