How to make your marketing easy, effective and resonant

There’s a reason many people, and maybe you, struggle with marketing.

And it has to do with your essence, your own unique nature.

Yes, you need to speak to your client's needs and challenges, letting them know you see them and can help them.

But the truth is people are attracted to you, the real you. 

And when you, the real you, show up in your marketing, it’s powerful.

When I work with clients, I take them through a highly personalized and intuitive process to help them see and name their own unique genius. We then work together to ensure it radiates consistently through all of their marketing messages and that those messages are effective and have impact.

My approach to helping clients create effective marketing messages is based on six key principles.

The Six principles of effective marketing messages


    Everyone is born with a purpose and a unique set of talents, gifts and way of being in the world that’s imprinted on their soul. This genius is singular and forms a person’s divine essence.  


    Authenticity is magnetic. When you’re authentic in  your marketing, and freely sharing your essence, people can sense your genuineness and are more willing to trust you.


    Your ideal clients need to see themselves in your messages and in your solutions. They have to be able to envision that you can help them in order for your messages to resonate.

  4. IMPACT 

    In order to be effective and have an impact, your marketing needs to be based on the fundamentals of how messages work, and how they don’t.


    Your marketing messages need to be clear and concise, easy to read and understand.  


    When your marketing materials are effectively written and energetically aligned with your essence, you feel naturally empowered to take them out into the world. You feel more excited about your offers, and can talk about them naturally.

Once you can integrate these six principles into your marketing, reaching out to the world with your offerings becomes much easier and more effective.  It means finally having marketing materials that feel like they fit you and your business. It means having your ideal clients recognize you’re exactly the one to help them. 

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“Do whatever it takes to convey your essential self.”

Martha Beck

Photo by Alex Blăjan and by Brooke Cagle on Unsplash