Bringing Beautiful Words into the World

If you're longing to tell your story, I can help you finally pick up your pen and start writing.

When you work with me, you'll learn how to:

  • Believe your story is worth telling

  • Know deeply that you are the one to write this story

  • Tap into your own unique creativity

  • Find your inner writing voice

  • Overcome your fears and discover the confidence to bring your beautiful words into the world

If you feel called to write or have a message to share with the world, but worry you aren’t a good enough writer or think your words aren’t interesting enough to be shared, I can help you find the inspiration and courage you need to bring your words into the world.

Work with me to:

  • Explore your deepest writing dreams

  • Discover your unique “why” for writing

  • Identify your writing fears and what’s been limiting you

  • Get coached to breakthrough what has been keeping you from writing and sharing your voice

  • Get motivated and activate your writing courage through exercises designed to grow your confidence

  • Find the courage to get your beautiful words out in the world!

If you are feeling stuck, I can help you find freedom and joy in your writing again.

discover how to:

  • Make time to write

  • Find your inner voice in your writing

  • Move past your inner critic

  • Draw out your creative Muse


  • Six individual weekly or biweekly one:one sessions that may include, depending on your needs and where exactly you are at with your writing, some, or all, of the following:

    • a discovery call where we explore you, your story, your writing ‘why’ and what it is you are doing/want to create in the world

    • a discussion of challenges you uncover as you grow your relationship with your writing, including coaching, intuition, and/or practical suggestions to help you remove obstacles

    • collaboration and ongoing support on any writing goals you feel called to set

    • enchanted exercises to unlock the mystery of where your writing may want to take you

    • general feedback on what’s working and what may not be working on your writing submission

    • conversation, assignments and/or teachings on any applicable elements of the writing craft to help move your work forward

    • creative visualization exercises to develop or fine tune your story’s characters, plot line, or project essence

    • journeying to find a Writing Guide to help you solve a writing problem or answer a question your project has

    • practical help and advice to begin sharing your writing more broadly, which could include tips to get going via email, a blog, speaking engagements, social media, etc.

  • Session recordings that you can download to your own computer to review our calls together, allowing you to re-absorb what emerged from our sessions whenever needed

  • Wisdom and coaching on obstacles that arise during the process

  • Steps to take between sessions to help ensure you are following your soul’s guidance for you and your writing, as needed

  • High-level, verbal feedback on one piece of writing, up to 5 pages, that you submit between sessions

  • Short email support between sessions

  • Weekly emails with visual inspiration and messages

Price: $797 USD


Instructions for living a life. Pay attention. Be astonished. Tell about it.

Mary Oliver




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