Bringing Beautiful Words into the World

If you're longing to tell your story, I can help you finally pick up your pen and start writing.

When you work with me, you'll learn how to:

  • Believe your story is worth telling

  • Know deeply that you are the one to write this story

  • Tap into your own unique creativity

  • Find your inner writing voice

  • Overcome your fears and discover the confidence to bring your beautiful words into the world

If you are feeling stuck, I can help you find freedom and joy in your writing again.

discover how to:

  • Make time to write

  • Find your inner voice in your writing

  • Move past your inner critic

  • Draw out your creative Muse

If you have a project or an idea for one, I can help you bring your project to life.

work with me to:

  • Develop a framework for your project, from ideation to implementation

  • Guide you through project creation and help you tap into your own creative wisdom

  • Coach you through specific writing challenges and help you find solutions to move forward

  • Move past any obstacles and fears standing in your way

  • Find and trust your unique writing voice

If you already have a draft manuscript or partial copy, you can work with me to:

  • Develop your work and identify opportunities for improvement

  • Find your inner wisdom and discover what’s needed to take your writing to the next level

Mentoring Writers Programs

Creating Courage

  • Explore your deepest writing dreams

  • Discover your unique “why” for writing

  • Identify your writing fears and what’s been limiting you

  • Get coached to breakthrough what has been keeping you from writing and sharing your voice

  • Get motivated and activate your writing courage through exercises designed to grow your confidence

  • Find the courage to get your beautiful words out in the world!


  • One discovery call to dive into your writing dreams, uncover your writing “why” and explore what’s been holding you and your writing back

  • Three weekly coaching sessions/calls to examine your writing fears and break through them

  • Weekly challenges designed to activate your writing confidence

  • One wrap up call to brainstorm your writing’s next steps and step into your courage

Package price: $500 USD


A Call to Action

  • Thoroughly review your writing project and process

  • Determine what goal would most impact your writing project at this point in time, keeping in mind how you would like to feel at the end of the program

  • Set realistic, achievable steps to meet your writing goal

  • Identify roadblocks to your progress and get coached through them

  • Establish an accountability routine

  • Receive support and ongoing check-ins throughout the program

  • March forward toward your writing goal!


  • One Master Planning call to review your project, process and to establish your big writing goal

  • Three* weekly/biweekly coaching calls to check-in on progress and work through any roadblocks to meeting your writing goal

  • Weekly/daily accountability assignments

  • Check in points and support between sessions available via email

Package price – $500 USD*

*includes the ability to extend the number of weekly/biweekly coaching/check-in calls to meet your project’s needs on at $100/session rate

Solving for Yes

  • Thoroughly review your writing process

  • Delve into two issues you have with your writing

  • Understand underlying obstacles and get coached to breakthrough them

  • Discover solutions designed to fit you and your life

  • Overcome your writing issues and solve for yes!


  • One discovery call to understand up to two issues you are having with your writing

  • Three weekly coaching sessions designed to address, go inward and help you create solutions

Package price: $450 USD

Fall in Writing Love

  • Explore why you want to write and what you love about it

  • Establish a writing routine and break down resistance

  • Complete exercises to explore creativity

  • Develop a writing practice you love and that will move you toward your writing dreams

  • Get coached on issues that surface as you develop your writing relationship

  • Fall in love with your writing again


  • One discovery call to explore your writing why

  • One follow-up call to help you establish a writing routine that fits your life and your writing practice

  • One check-in call to discuss any challenges you uncover as you grow your relationship with your writing, including coaching and/or practical suggestions to move through obstacles

  • Writing exercises designed to spark your creative genius and call more joy to your writing practice

  • A one-year subscription to a daily writing prompts program

Package price:  $450 USD


Unlocking Mysteries

  • Call up an assortment of magical tools to help transform your writing project

  • Undergo creative visualization exercises to develop or fine tune your story’s characters, plot line, or project structure

  • Journey to find a Spirit Guide to help you solve a writing problem or answer a question your project has

  • Call forth your characters to find out what messages they hold for you and your story

  • Conjure up mystical messages for you and your writing project

  • Magically map out your story, project, plot line or next chapter


  • One discovery call to call forth the alchemy that will transform your writing and/or writing project

  • Three magic filled weekly calls where I’ll lead you through a series of enchanted exercises to unlock the mystery of where your writing wants to take you

  • Lots of support via email between sessions

  • One copy of Elizabeth Gilbert’s book, Big Magic

Package price: $600 USD


If you are an entrepreneur, I can help you meet your marketing needs in a way that reflects your authenticity and own inner wisdom. 

Work closely with me to:

  • Help you articulate your personal brand

  • Create website content that reflects your deepest essence

  • Craft marketing content that reflects your values and showcases your beautiful offerings

  • Meet your other ad hoc content needs

Package Price: Contact me to discuss creating a custom package based on your needs.


Instructions for living a life. Pay attention. Be astonished. Tell about it.

Mary Oliver




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