Helping You Find Home

When we're living our right lives, it feels like home. There's no other way I've found to describe it. We are doing what we feel called to do, using our gifts and talents, and contributing in a full and meaningful way. We get to be fully, wholly ourselves. And it feels warm, fulfilling, contented, comfortable. Like home.

Right now, does your life feel like home? Or do you have a sense that your life should somehow feel different than it but your not sure how? Do you feel a longing for something more but aren't sure how to make that happen?  If so, consider working with me.

i help you find what you are called to do

By asking a series of powerful questions, I help you come out of your logical, socialized mind and create a powerful vision for your ideal life. Acting as your intuitive guide, I then help you in a very practical way to map out your next steps, uncover obstacles that are standing in your way, and learn tools that can help guide you along your journey.

Working with me, you will:

  • Explore your unique genius, talents, gifts, and passions

  • Tap into your body as a source of deep wisdom and knowing

  • Learn to listen to your inner wisdom

  • Discover who you are and what you’ve been longing for

  • Learn to express your truth and move toward living it

  • Map out tangible, doable steps to start creating a life that feels like home

Finding Home: Create a Life You Love


  • Pre-exercises to help you clarify your original genius, gifts. talents and passions

  • Six individual weekly one:one coaching sessions that may include some or all of the following:

    • A discovery session where we explore you and your current life situation

    • Powerful tools to help you navigate creating a life you love

    • A deep-dive into understanding the messages your life has been giving you

    • A dreaming session where I guide you through connecting you to your ideal life

    • An architecting session where we’ll bring it all together and determine a passion project and/or your specific next steps to creating a life you love

    • Coaching on challenges, limiting beliefs that come up as you move forward

  • Exercises and steps to take between sessions to help ensure you are following your soul’s guidance

  • Tools to use as you move forward on your journey

  • Wisdom and coaching on obstacles that arise during the process

  • Email support in-between sessions for questions

  • Emailed notes of encouragement






"If the light is in your heart, you will find your way home.”