My approach is highly personalized, and it’s designed to especially help coaches, healers or creatives in these types of situations:

You’re just starting out.

You’ve just finished your training you need to get started. You have an idea of your niche but no idea how to start selling your services. Maybe you’ve even just quit your corporate job. You have to get going. You know you need a core message. And a website. And content. And you think you need a social media strategy…There’s so many things to do, and you have no idea where to start. It just all feels pretty overwhelming.


You don’t know how to describe what you do very well.

You’re with someone you just met. You have a sense they could be a potential client. It’s going great! Listening to them talk, you feel warm and connected. And then, they ask “So, what do you do?” You either go silent, because words all of a sudden feel bulky and stuck in your mouth; or you start babbling on, talking a mile a minute. After a few minutes, you sense the energy start to drain out of the conversation.


You need clients.

You’re at your desk, trying to ignore the low hum of anxiety. You’re debating signing up for yet another course on how to get your coaching business off the ground. You’re trying to manifest clients, but so far, it’s been elusive. You hear a clock ticking. You can’t seem to take everything you’ve learned about selling and marketing and create the right thing for your ideal clients that also feels really good to YOU. The truth is you are starting to wonder if this was all just a dream, that it's not meant to be. Maybe, you think, it’s just not possible to make what I want to do real.


You’re pretty clear about your ideal client.

You’re aching to help them. You know, deep down, you can be a good coach or healer. But when you think about what you have to do to start marketing your services, you freeze up. You hate to admit it but you’ve been spending a lot of time with distracting, little tasks, avoiding any real marketing efforts because you’re feeling stuck.


You know your ideal client very well.

You’ve been at this a while, and you love what you do. You know exactly what your clients need, but the truth is you can’t seem to turn your ideas into something real, something tangible. You get bursts of inspiration for new programs or ways to communicate and reach new clients, but then they stall out because you just don’t know how to harness those ideas and implement them on a practical level.


You’ve got a website.

You put so much work into your website and you’re relieved it’s done! You might have designed it yourself or hired someone to help you with it. The problem is, you’ve noticed you’re not promoting it, not really. You’re kind of scared to admit it, but something doesn’t feel right with the site. You can’t quite put your finger on it, but you just don’t feel happy inviting people to visit.


You want to connect with potential clients.

The problem is whenever you write blog posts, or other content, something about it just isn’t’ lighting you up. You find yourself procrastinating or have stopped writing regular content altogether. Maybe you never got started, not really. How are you supposed to figure out a content plan and what to write about for the next quarter when you don’t even know what to write for the next week?


You love a whole bunch of different things.

Maybe you’re trained as a coach, but you also have experience in other healing modalities. Maybe you have a creative passion you love to pursue, like writing poetry or making pottery. Maybe you love doing card readings or SoulCollageR. You have a bunch of different pursuits and ideas, but you have no idea how to fit it all together in what you call your business. You do a little bit here and a little bit there, and… your messaging, website, and content feel all over the board.


You need a brainstorming partner.

You’ve been asked to do a talk at an acquaintance’s yoga studio or present at a friend’s Meetup Group. You are SO excited! It’s a fantastic opportunity to help out a friend and to promote your expertise. But wait, you think. What am I going to talk about? Even if you have an idea of what you could share, you don’t have any idea how to promote the event and your presence.

Maybe you see yourself in several of these situations…

If so, don’t worry. That’s pretty common, actually. I invite you to read on to find out a little more about the types of people who do well with my approach to helping them market their business.

My approach works well if you’re a:


  • Solopreneur or run a business with one or two employees


  • Coach (life, financial, health/wellness, spiritual, relationship, etc.)

  • Healer (yoga instructor, energy worker, body worker, etc.)

  • Other creative entrepreneur (author, artists, etc.)


  • Newer in business development

  • Rededicating focus on your business

  • Have had some practice doing your craft


  • Have set aside some time to work on developing their business

  • Work at your business full-time

  • Work at your business part-time

my most successful clients are ones who value things similar to me. We’ll probably do even better working together, if you:

  • Appreciate what makes you unique, what makes you YOU

  • Willing to tune into and listen to your inner wisdom

  • Value authenticity

  • Are deeply passionate about your business

  • Enjoy taking action, seeing things turn from idea to something tangible

  • Like to learn and experiment

  • Have a sense of openness to guidance

  • Enjoy writing, or have used writing as a tool for self-discovery (e.g. journaling)

Does this sound like you?

If so, then I know I can help you create more effective marketing messages in a way that feels good to you.

Great, then let’s keep connecting.

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Or maybe you’re wondering about my approach.

Maybe you’d like to know a bit more about this idea of marketing in a way that’s both effective AND feels good?