Create a Unique Offer for Your Business

You need clients.

You’ve just finished your training program and you’re ready to set up shop. Or maybe you’ve been out looking for clients for a while now but you’re having trouble talking about what it is that you do. 

But you’re having trouble getting people to hire you.

It’s discouraging. You know you have so much to give. 

One thing many coaches, healers or creative entrepreneurs starting out don’t realize is that people need to know what they are buying before they actually commit to buying. In other words, they need a way to sell their services.

And here’s where I see a lot of creative entrepreneurs fall short. They try to sell their services simply based on a number of sessions and a price point. They think “One hour of time with me equals x amount of dollars.”


A 12 week coaching package is $1200


A 6 week healing session package is $750

Or some version of the same. But this doesn’t help their ideal clients understand what problems they can help them solve or how they could benefit from working with them. 

They haven’t created enough understanding and trust for their ideal clients to buy.

What you really need is to create a unique program or service you love that sets your business apart. One that targets what your ideal clients need and aligns perfectly with YOU. One that highlights your gifts, talents, and passions. One that clearly demonstrates what the problem you help solve and what the benefits are to your potential clients.


Having something like this means finally having a way to work where you are most comfortable reaching your clients. Having something  like this means you're excited about your offer, and you can talk about it naturally. Having something like this means your ideal clients recognize you. They'll see you and say “She’s exactly who I need to help me!”

I believe that when you create programs and services for your business that are natural for you and are built upon your distinctive gifts and passions – and start talking about them in a way you absolutely love - then you create a business that attracts your ideal clients and feels like your soul’s home.

This program is structured to help you design that.

Who is this program for?

This program is for you if:

  • You currently don’t have a program in place or way to sell your services


  • You currently have a program and want to add additional programs and services to your practice to reach more clients

  • You really want to create a course, class, workshop or retreat. But you aren’t sure where to start or you need a creative partner to help you pull your ideas together and create something real.

  • You’re looking for a creative marketing expert that’s also an experienced intuitive coach to help you move through any obstacles and help you clarify what you really want

  • You want to bring your authentic self and your heart to your business and your marketing

This program probably isn’t for you if:

  • You have no idea at all who your ideal client is or where you want to focus your business niche 

  • You just want to put a program together that resembles someone else’s that you know is already successful

  • You’re aren’t interested in helping your clients heal, transform, or otherwise gain from sharing your gifts and talents

  • You just want someone to tell you what to do

Everyone moves through this process at their own pace.

The clearer you are on your ideal client, as well as your soul-self, the more quickly you can create and launch a program that aligns with your authentic self.

But, if you don’t have as much clarity as you’d like, don’t worry!


I can help you uncover what feels delicious for you, and we go from there. I’ve worked with people who are just starting out and aren’t sure who they want to work with as well as those who are laser sharp about their ideal clients. I’ve worked with others who are clear on their own strengths and gifts, and some that are just beginning the process of figuring all that out.  That’s all part of the process.

If you get stuck during the process, that’s where I use my intuitive coaching skills to help you remove obstacles.

For example, I’ve helped clients move past money blocks that were keeping them from finding an authentic price for their programs and others who were stuck finalizing their program because they were worried about bringing it out in the world. 

Gia Storms, Life Coach

Gia Storms, Life Coach

Diane’s coaching helped me refine my offering, taking me from concept to action in just a few short calls.

Her razor sharp intuition guided me gently into an articulation of what it was that mattered most to me, and define the thing I wanted to put out into the world. 

I highly recommend working with Diane to anyone who has an inkling of a new frontier and is looking for a creative partner to help make it a reality.
— Gia Storms, Life Coach at, Los Angeles, CA

When you’re done with the program you’ll have a complete program framework, a document that outlines all the information you need to know about your offer (such as objective, content focus, duration, etc.) as well as marketing copy so you can share it with others and start attracting your ideal clients. 

Some clients prefer to work on the copy together in our sessions, while others wish to establish the core messaging together and then work wordsmith between sessions themselves.

In either case, you’ll leave with program copy that you can use to create flyers, develop PDF'S, update your website or share on social media - however you prefer to reach out to potential clients.

This program can help you: 

  • Bundle your unique coaching genius and passions into an original coaching offer

  • Discover how disparate parts of your business and life can all fit together into a concrete coaching package, something that is real and yours alone to share with the world

  • Find the right language to demonstrate what this program can do for your ideal clients

  • Establish a price for your program that feels good to your heart and your business

  • Make your coaching package easier to talk about and sell because you love it, and it feels just right for you

  • Come away with a program framework that you can implement right away or start to build out into a more complex offering

  • Have a starter approach to your marketing, or be ready to start work on a marketing plan

  • Bring your individual essence to the world and help your ideal clients find you

This program is a highly personalized approach to helping you create a service offering for your coaching, healing or creative business, allowing you to reach and work with your ideal clients in a way you love, that’s natural and is built upon your distinctive gifts and passions.

We’ll meet together on a regular basis. I recommend weekly to keep the momentum focused. However if your schedule can only accommodate biweekly meetings, we can do that instead.

All of our sessions are recorded, and you’ll have access to the cloud recordings for a month after we stop working together so you can go back and refer to what we covered at any time. I’ll send you a link after each call so you can download them to your personal computer to have permanent access.

Client experience

Before working with Diane, I was in a jumble about how to describe my coaching work and how to put it out into the world.

Diane helped me to organize my thoughts and ideas about what I do. Her questions led me to narrow these down to clearer wording so that future clients could understand what they’ll receive from my coaching.

Diane worked with me, adding lots of good ideas and she made it all enjoyable!

— Lizanne Tighe, Life Coach, West Windsor, NJ

Your Guide

I spent much of my life looking for home. Now I want to help others find theirs.

My search for home was both literal (I lived in 15 different places across three continents over the past several decades) and metaphorical.

For a long time, I lived life learning all the rules, hoping to finally fit in, until I realized that feeling at home is something I needed to find within.

Now, I know that when I’m being most unique individual self, claiming my essence, fulfilling my purpose, using all of my gifts and talents and my voice, rather than fitting in, this is when I feel most at home.

IMG_1805 c.resize.jpg copy.jpg

And that’s what I want to offer you in this program.

The chance to bring as much of your authentic self as possible into your work and suffuse your marketing and businesses with it.

Intuitive Coach

As part of my own journey, I left my job in corporate marketing and became an intuitive coach. Several years ago, I completed an in-depth coach training program, going on to become a Martha Beck Certified Wayfinder Life Coach. Since then, I’ve spent hundreds of hours coaching individuals, creatives, and other coaches, helping them align their projects, businesses, writing and lives to their soul-selves.  

Corporate Director of Marketing

Prior to becoming a coach, I spent 15 years as a Director in a company in the talent mobility industry, working with some of the world’s largest companies. I spent the last several years of my corporate career as a Director, Global Marketing and Communications, and I bring all those marketing skills to my work now, helping you understand how to create and talk about products and services in a way that will resonate with your ideal clients. 

I bring those same strategic planning and marketing skills, along with my coaching skills, here to help you see both the big picture (how to align your authentic self to this program you want to create) and the practical (what’s the nitty gritty that needs to get done to make it real.)  

What’s Included in This Program:

  • A guided visualization and worksheet to help you determine the essence of your new program

  • Exercises to help you clarify your original gifts, talents and passions

  • Six individual weekly one:one sessions that include, depending on your needs and where exactly you are at with your business, some, or all, of the following:

    • a discovery call where we explore you, your story, and what it is you are doing/want to create in the world

    • a detailed exploration of your ideal client, including their needs, biggest struggles, issues, personality type, etc.

    • an architect session where we dream together, connecting the dots between your business, your passions and what you love

    • an alchemy session where we magically sow the seeds for your own unique coaching program, which could be a one:one coaching package, a course, a retreat, a curriculum, a group class, etc. The program that will emerge will be one that will speak to your heart, fit your unique style and coaching genius, and match your ideal clients’ needs.

    • collaboration sessions where we actively brainstorm program specs, proof points, benefits and a name that ties it all together

    • practical help creating a starter approach to marketing your new offer, including creating content themes and a basic editorial calendar to support bringing your new program out into the world

  • A personalized framework document that details your program concept and gives you the wording birthed in our sessions to bring your package to life

  • Session recordings that you can download to your own computer to review our calls together, re-absorbing the ideas that emerged from our sessions whenever needed

  • Wisdom and coaching on obstacles that arise during the process

  • Steps to take between sessions to help ensure you are following your soul’s guidance, as needed

  • Weekly emails with visual inspiration and messages

Program price: $750

Are You Ready to Create a Unique Offer for your Business?

If you’re ready to work together to create a business offer/program that’s targeted to your ideal clients and that exceptionally personal, natural, relaxed and feels like it belongs just to you, here’s what to do:

Step 1. Click the “Apply Now” button below to answer a few questions so I can know a bit about you, your business and what you’d like to get out of coaching with me.

Step 2: Once your answers have been submitted, you’ll receive a link to schedule a consult call within one business day.

Step 3. At the scheduled time of your consult, we’ll consult! We’ll use the opportunity to make sure we’re the perfect fit before you commit and answer any outstanding questions you may have.

Step 4. Then we’ll get started! If you decide to work with me, I’ll tell you the exact steps for getting started. If you decide not to work with me or if we aren’t a perfect fit, I’m happy to share other resources to help you get what you need.

If you have questions, just send me an email.

Still Not Sure?

Feel free to ask me any questions you have about the Soul Program Design program. I promise I don’t do hard selling and am not trying to get you on the phone to ‘close the deal.’ I just want you to feel comfortable to ask any questions you have.

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