Helping You Design a Soul Program That Feels Like Home

I believe that when you create programs and services for your business that are natural for you and are built upon your distinctive gifts and passions – and start talking about them in a way you absolutely love - then you create a business that feels like your soul’s home.

This program is structured to help you design that.

Everyone moves through this process at their own pace.

The clearer you are on your ideal client, as well as your soul-self, the more quickly you can create and launch a program that aligns with your authentic self.

If you don’t have as much clarity as you’d like, don’t worry!

I can help you uncover what feels delicious for you, and we go from there. I’ve worked with people who are just starting out and aren’t sure who they want to work with as well as those who are laser sharp about their ideal clients. I’ve worked with others who are clear on their own strengths and gifts, and some that are just beginning the process of figuring all that out.  

I believe you can create a unique offering for your business that feels like home, and I’m here to help.

This program is a highly personalized approach to helping you create a service offering for your coaching, healing or creative business, allowing you reach and work with your ideal clients in a way you love, that’s natural and is built upon your distinctive gifts and passions.

You and I will work together to create a business offer/program that’s exceptionally personal, one that’s natural, relaxed and feels like it belongs just to you. It will feel like home.

Working with me you CAN:

  • Discover how disparate parts of your business and life can all fit together into a concrete coaching package, something that is real and yours alone to share with the world

  • Bundle your unique coaching genius and passions into an original coaching offer

  • Find the right language to demonstrate what this program can do for your ideal clients

  • Make your coaching package easier to talk about and sell because you love it, and it feels just right for you

  • Come away with a program framework that you can implement right away or start to build out into a more complex offering

  • Have a starter approach to your marketing, or be ready to start work on a marketing plan

  • Bring your individual essence to the world and help your ideal clients find you

Soul Program Design Package Includes:

  • A guided visualization and worksheet to help you determine the essence of your new soul program

  • Exercises to help you clarify your original gifts, talents and passions

  • Six individual weekly one:one sessions that include, depending on your needs and where exactly you are at with your business, some, or all, of the following:

    • a discovery call where we explore you, your story, and what it is you are doing/want to create in the world

    • a detailed exploration of your ideal client, including their needs, biggest struggles, issues, personality type, etc.

    • an architecting session where we dream together, connecting the dots between your business, your passions and what you love

    • an alchemy session where we magically sow the seeds for your own unique coaching program, which could be a one:one coaching package, a course, a retreat, a curriculum, a group class, etc. The program that will emerge will be one that will speak to your heart, fit your unique style and coaching genius, and match your ideal clients’ needs.

    • collaboration sessions where we actively brainstorm program specs, proof points, benefits and a name that ties it all together

    • a personalized framework document that details your program concept and gives you the wording birthed in our sessions to bring your package to life

    • practical help creating a starter approach to marketing your new offer, including creating content themes and a basic editorial calendar to support bringing your new program out into the world

  • Session recordings that you can download to your own computer to review our calls together, re-absorbing the ideas that emerged from our sessions whenever needed

  • Wisdom and coaching on obstacles that arise during the process

  • Steps to take between sessions to help ensure you are following your soul’s guidance, as needed

  • Weekly emails with visual inspiration and messages

Program price: $750


“The purpose of freedom is to create it for others.”

Nelson Mandela

PhotoS by Honey Fangs and by Brooke Cagle on Unsplash