Free Soul Program Essence Package

I know many coaches and creatives who struggle to create offers for their businesses that are unique and that align with their souls and the work they are called to do in the world. These individuals often end up crafting a business offer that may tick all the boxes of standard business development but can end up missing a critical element that can help their services stand out - their own unique essence.

Discover the Essence of Your New Business Offer

Discovering the essence of your new business offering isn’t an exercise for your rational mind.

That’s why I created this free Soul Program Essence package, which includes an 8-minute guided visualization exercise and a worksheet to help you uncover it at a soul level.

Once you’ve established the essence of your new offer, it can serve as a vision for you, a set of guiding principles, if you will, so that each decision you make as you craft your offer can be in better alignment with your own essential spirit.

Here’s what one person shared with me about their experience using this free resource:

I found the guided visualisation really simple and enjoyable. I even found myself smiling at several points during the recording. The worksheet really took the information I gained from the audio to the next level. I find that when I create things in my business, I often get stuck in my own head, over-analysing and strategising. This exercise really got me thinking more playfully and creatively. I found myself coming from a place within my heart rather than my head. This feels so much more soul driven and exactly the approach I want for creating in my coaching practice. I’d recommend this audio and worksheet to anyone who wants to connect to and build their business offerings in a fun and creative way.
— Lynne McLean Brown, Certified Life Coach at

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