Here's what clients who've worked with me have to say...

Soul Program Design

When I began working with Diane, I felt very nervous and uncertain about how to make my ideas for my business a reality. I knew what I wanted to do but had no idea how to achieve it.

Diane combined her knowledge of business and marketing with her coaching expertise perfectly. She was excellent at working out when I needed practical guidance and when I needed to be coached around fears and doubts I had about my abilities.

This combination was just perfect and has allowed me to “level up” my business. She helped me create an offering that I am proud of. In addition, I also feel much clearer about how to move forward and have a new awareness of where I get in my own way. I feel like I have an action plan rather than only a big dream for my coaching practice.
— Lynne McLean Brown, Life Coach and Motivational Writer at Sandnes, Norway
Diane’s coaching helped me refine my offering, taking me from concept to action in just a few short calls. Her razor sharp intuition guided me gently into an articulation of what it was that mattered most to me, and define the thing I wanted to put out into the world.

I highly recommend working with Diane to anyone who has an inkling of a new frontier and is looking for a creative partner to help make it a reality.
— Gia Storms, Life Coach at, Los Angeles, CA
Working with Diane moved me forward with my website and program messaging quicker in two weeks than I had on my own in two years.

Diane is gifted with several skills, one is laser clarity. She was able to not only help me hone my message, she was instrumental in helping me align my various offerings so they had the same voice, all working seamlessly together, building upon each other. Together we were able to switch up the language I used to speak to my client’s needs while staying true to who I am at my core. Diane helped me create the framework for my programs so that my initial freebie gift would flow naturally into my next level offering, which then transitions into my signature program. She helped me inject a sense of urgency and movement which will easily be felt and heard by my ideal clients.

On top of all her amazing gifts is her professionalism and enthusiasm for the work she’s been called to do. I highly recommend anyone looking for help with their messaging and offerings to reach out to Diane. You won’t be sorry!

— Sue Brady, Intuitive Life Coach at
Before working with Diane, I was in a jumble about how to describe my coaching work and how to put it out into the world. Diane helped me to organize my thoughts and ideas about what I do. Her questions led me to narrow these down to clearer wording so that future clients could understand what they’ll receive from my coaching. Diane worked with me, adding lots of good ideas and she made it all enjoyable!

— Lizanne Tighe, Life Coach, West Windsor, NJ

Life Coaching

Diane helped me to find calm and clarity as I navigated my way through a major career change to follow my passion for design. She provided balanced, reasoned and highly practical support that, almost a year after our sessions, I continue to use as a compass when it comes to my work and also my life decisions. Since our sessions, I have a clearer vision of where I want to be and, more importantly, the steps I need to take to get there. We all have dreams of what we should be doing and where we should be. Diane’s focused and pragmatic coaching has helped to bring mine into the realms of reality.
— Susie Goodall, Graphic Designer, London, UK
While working with Diane I learned that just because it is on my to do list doesn’t mean I have to do it. I have let the guilt go when I discarded projects or items that felt heavy and did not bring me joy. I have stuck with changes I made like doing “morning pages”, which sometimes become afternoon or evening pages, but she helped me create the attitude that “doing something is better than nothing”. I thank her for our talks and her time. The tools I take away from our work have been invaluable.
— Kristi C. Gilbert, AZ
Diane is a natural-born life coach. Yes, many can learn the skills and practice the tools until they’re able to do this work, but Diane listens with a level of intuition that isn’t so easily learned. I’ve found myself stuck in my own stories and perspectives many times and she has been able to gently guide me out of this stuck-ness to a place of calm awareness.

As a client who has overcome multiple chronic illnesses by implementing mind-body techniques, I can confidently say that Diane’s guidance has been tremendously valuable on my healing journey. You can’t see the picture when you’re stuck inside the frame, and I’ve been fortunate to work with a coach who can show me how to break free from the confines of my own limiting frames.
— Carrie Eckert, Sarasota, FL


At a time when living the Writer’s Life was little more than a dream of mine, the universe introduced me to Diane. She took me by the hand and heart to help me navigate through the isolation and introversion of writing my first novel. I may never know why the Muse of my story chose me for its telling but, together, Diane and I found the light that is waiting for every writer at journey’s end.

There is a magical place where the art of a story and its writer first meet, Diane will help take you there...
— Ann Marie Harris, Author of The Deadening Trees, Denver, Colorado
Diane has just the right combination of critical eye and gentle touch that I needed to guide me as I completed my book. Her excellent observations, often phrased as questions, allowed me to sharpen my message and see the passages that could be improved, moved or eliminated. Always allowing me the ultimate decision on any changes, I appreciated her clear vision and ability to focus on individual pieces of writing while keeping the whole work in mind. She was instrumental in guiding me to focus on my audience and she helped me shape my book into a much more cohesive work.

Unfailingly positive, her encouragement and belief in my writing gave me courage and the confidence to submit it for publication. She was flexible in her approach to the timing of the editing process and allowed me to decide on the amount of material we would tackle during each session, yet she encouraged me to stay on task and her involvement gave me the structure I needed to complete the work. I am so grateful that I had the opportunity to work with Diane and I highly recommend her as an editor and coach.
— Melanie Hewitt, Author of Mothers Matter, Des Moines, IA

“In four weeks, Diane coached me out of a year-long drought, in writing and life, that workshops and helpful reading could not budge. I recommend her generous and practical coaching to get through your blocks and on toward your dreams.”

— -Janet Kübler, author of The Algorithmic Beauty of Seaweeds, Sponges and Corals
What I like most about working with Diane is the comfort I feel in talking with her. There is no judgement on her part, nor any alternative agenda; she is genuinely listening to me and offering me questions to ponder about my work, pushing me further than I thought I could go and is there to support me every step of the way.

The most transformative part of this coaching experience has been the tremendous growth on my part because of her questions and our discussions. She helped me see how I was the only person holding myself back and gave me the ability to nudge myself until my novel was finished. I will carry her knowledge and insights with me as I continue to write my next novel and just move through life in general. I would not have finished my novel nor be where I am in my writing career without Diane. She is magical!

I would highly recommend working with Diane. I truly enjoyed every second of our coaching sessions because she is simply easy to talk with, supports you in every way possible, listens better than anyone I know, and gets to the heart of what is hindering your creativity. Every time our sessions ended I felt energized and ready to tackle my writing project with a renewed enthusiasm.

None of it I write feels eloquent enough or strong enough to state how wonderful I believe Diane truly is, not only as a person but as a coach. I feel blessed to work with her!

— Steffany Cartellone, author of The War Within, Airy Point, MD