Hi - I’m Diane Douiyssi. I’d love to share a little bit about myself…

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Strategic and Detail Oriented

Prior to becoming a coach, I spent 15 years as a Director in a Talent Mobility company working with some of the world’s largest companies. There I routinely designed and directed large-scale project assignments, such as client re-bids, current client retention pursuits, and targeted improvement plans.

I bring those same strategic and logical planning skills to my own business where I help coaches, healers and creatives see both the big picture (how to align their soul-selves to the face of their business) and the practical (what needs to be done to bring that vision to life.)  

As I was good at quickly understanding what was needed in the relationship and for orchestrating change, I was often given client assignments where the client was unhappy, and I turned the relationships around.

Now, I translate this skill into my work every day. I’m able to quickly assess where business owners are in harmonizing the major facets of the face of their business – their programs, services, offers, website, copy, About page, etc. – and can intuit how aligned they are with their true authentic selves. I can easily identify any gaps and help clients make a definable, practical plan to close them.

Global Marketing & Communications

I spent the last several years of my corporate career as a Director, Global Marketing and Communications, where I created campaigns, events, and programs designed to increase customer engagement. I was also responsible for creating a harmonized content strategy, signature program content, and for overseeing copy development.

I bring all those marketing skills to my work now, helping business owners break down the mysteries of marketing and create a simple, easy way for them to get out in the world, connecting with others and talking about their programs and services.

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Certified Life Coach

In 2016, I completed an in-depth coach training program, and then went on to become a Martha Beck Certified Wayfinder Life Coach. I also completed Master Certified Life Coach Bev Barnes’ intensive training: Unlock Your Soul’s Calling. I’ve spent hundreds of hours coaching individuals, creatives, and other coaches, helping them align their projects, businesses and lives to their soul-selves. 

My Soul’s Calling

I spent much of my life looking for home, and now I want to help others find theirs.

My search for home was both literal (I lived in 15 different places across three continents over the past several decades) and metaphorical. For a long time, I spent my life learning all the rules, hoping to finally fit in, until I realized that feeling at home is something that needed to found within.

Now I know that when I am not fitting but being my most unique individual me, claiming my essence, fulfilling my purpose and using all of my gifts and talents, is when I feel most at home.

I want to help others do the same, to bring as much of their divine self as possible into their work and suffuse their businesses with it.


I have always loved taking ideas, thoughts, whispers of dreams and making them real - through writing and other creative endeavors.

And now I yearn to help others take their still soft dreams and turn them into something real.

A Bit More About Me

I’m a deeply intuitive empath, gifted with a strong sense of knowing and creativity. I’ve lived overseas, in Italy, Morocco and Argentina, and across the central part of the U.S. I love to travel. When I go, I often eschew the touristy stops, preferring to connect to each location’s deep sense of place instead. I like to find a quiet café, an out-of-the-way church or mosque, or a corner store to visit. 

I love learning languages. I speak English, and I’m re-learning French. Brushing up on my Spanish and Italian is on my list. I taught myself some basic Moroccan when we lived there, and I’ve been thinking about learning classical Arabic too.

And, oh. I love writing. It makes my soul sing. Especially writing for no other reason than the pure joy of creating.

I love exploring the connection between writing, creativity and Spirit. And I also enjoy hosting reflective writing retreats designed to help women uncover the messages their souls are longing for them to hear.

Apart from all that richness, I love spending time out here on the prairies of the Midwest, with my family – my husband, our two daughters, and our two cats.


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