I’m happiest when I’m engaged with people and helping them.

So, if you have a comment or question for me about anything, please reach out!

You can always call me at +1 309-706-5984, or if you prefer by e-mail (using the form below). I generally respond to emails within one to two business days. And sooner if you let me know it’s urgent.

Oh, and if you want to contact me via snail mail (which I love!) here’s my mailing address:

2101 Currant Ct.

Bloomington, IL 61704

United States

I know it might be hard to reach out with a question or to give feedback. I used to feel shy about contacting other business owners too. But I always had such positive interactions when I did. And, in some cases, I sparked connections that grew into beautiful relationships. So I step beyond hesitation all the time now, and I hope you will too!

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Banner Photo by Anne Nygård on Unsplash