I see you.

You’re at your desk, trying to ignore the low hum of anxiety. You’re debating signing up for yet another course on how to get your coaching business off the ground. There’s social media personas and communications plans, positive thinking and aggressive sales targets. You’re trying to manifest clients, but so far, it’s been elusive. You hear a clock ticking. 

you are aching to get your message out and help others.

You know deep, deep down you can be a good coach, a great one EVEN, BUT YOU'RE NOT SURE YOU HAVE WHAT IT TAKES TO MARKET YOUR BUSINESS.

You can’t seem to take everything you’ve learned about selling and marketing and create the right thing for your ideal clients that also feels really good to YOU. 

Maybe you think you don't know how to talk about your business, so you don't. Everything you read is telling you to just get over it and get out there. Maybe you’ve been trying a few things here and there, yet nothing seems to be really working.

The truth is you are starting to wonder if this was all just a dream, that it's not meant to be.

Maybe, you think, it’s just not possible to make what I want to do real.

Wait, I whisper. I see you.

I see your unique genius, your gifts and talents. Your essence.

And I see that iT IS possible to create a coaching business you love.

The first step is creating a product or service that you love.  One that aligns perfectly with YOU. One that highlights your gifts, talents and passions. And one that hones in on exactly what you are trying to help your ideal clients solve.

Having a product or service like this means having something tangible you love to market.

Having something like this means finally having a way to work where you are most comfortable reaching your clients.

Having something  like this means you're excited about your offer, and you can talk about it naturally.

Having something like this means your ideal clients recognize you. They'll see you and say “She’s exactly who I need to help me!”


  • Do you need help reaching your ideal clients and letting them know the real you?

  • Do you want to create a program that distills your essence and helps your ideal clients see you're the one to help them?

  • Do you long to create something special for your business but can’t see what that could be?

  • Do you want help remembering your unique genius and suffusing your business with it?

Work with me to create a program, product or service

that fully aligns with you.


REady to take the next step?

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