Complete Website Audit and Collaborative Review

You’ve noticed you don’t really like sharing your website…

Whether you’ve just finished it, or you’ve had your website for a while, you should be  excited to share with everyone, and…you’ve noticed you’re not.

For some reason, you’re holding back.

Maybe you’re worried something’s not right, or maybe,deep down, you know it really no longer reflects you or where you’re taking your business. Or maybe people might be landing on your website through Google or links you share through social, but they aren’t engaging in your site. Not really. You’re not getting leads or new sign ups.

Something seems off. 

Or perhaps your website’s come together over time a bit piecemeal. Or maybe you’re using it as a container to hold all the disparate pieces of your business together. In any case, your website doesn’t feel cohesive…

The truth is your website is your business’ home online. and you need to love it!

It’s what people see when you invite them in. It’s where people go to find out more about you, what you do, who your business helps. 

like the home you live in, it conveys a lot of really important information about you and what you do. 

A lot of people struggling with their websites simply decide they need a whole one. They embark on a major rebranding exercise, hiring branding experts, web designers, copywriters. The whole bit.  And in some cases that may be totally appropriate. But if you haven’t been in business that long, or if you’re already struggling to find clients, that’s definitely not the best the best option. 

Other people decide they can’t afford to redo their website, not right now anyway. So they stay unhappy with its current state, unable to invest in doing it all over again. The problem is they don’t feel energetically excited to welcome people in. And it’s affecting their business.

Whether you’ve built the site yourself or paid someone else to help, you’ve already invested time and money in it. A total re-haul is incredibly time-consuming. Plus it might not even be necessary.

Many times, you just need help understanding where your website might not be working as well as it could, and where it might be doing just fine. 

That, and actionable practical steps you can take to make improvements. 

This program is designed to give you just that.

Who is this program for?

The Site Survey program is for you if:

  • You have a website you sense could be improved but you’re not sure how


  • You have a website that doesn’t best reflect you, your ideal client, the work you do, or all three...


  • You’ve recently shifted your niche, and your website needs to make that shift with you

  • You need a creative partner to help you pull your ideas, thoughts and essence together and help you show up as yourself more authentically into your website 

  • You need messaging help to make sure your language on your site resonates with your ideal clients

  • You’re looking for an inspired marketing expert that’s also an experienced intuitive coach who helps others see their essential selves

  • You want to bring your authentic self and your heart to your business and marketing to reach your ideal clients

The Site Survey program is probably not for you if:

  • You’re already convinced you want to do a total re-brand and redesign of your existing website

  • You’ve just started your business (or are refocusing your business), and you’re not sure what your niche will be

  • You don’t have any idea at all about who your ideal clients are

  • You are looking for someone else to write all of your website copy

It starts with discovery.

We start the process by getting on the phone for a discovery call. Here, we dive deep. I ask you a series of focused, powerful questions to get to know you, your services and your ideal clients. We’ll talk about your business, your mission and your vision. I’ll use my intuitive abilities to uncover your essence, and we’ll spend time talking about your natural gifts, talents and experience. 

You might be wondering What does all of this have to do with my website? 

Well, it’s everything, actually.

Your website is your business’ home, 

It needs to make your ideal clients feel welcome. It needs to speak to their needs and challenges, letting them know you see them, deeply, and can help them.  And of course, it needs to do that in a way that’s clear and effective, and easy for them to understand.

Your website also should reflect you, the real you, as owner of your business. When it’s in alignment with your essence, it’s authentic. 

In marketing, authenticity is magnetic. 

When your website reflects your true self, people can sense your genuineness and are more willing to trust you. And, as a bonus, it more easily attracts your ideal clients, filtering out those that aren’t a good fit.

Then comes the audit.

Then, I go away and study your website. I marry all I learned about your in that first call and look at where all the aspects of your site are alignment to your essential self and the essence of your business and where they might not be. 

I look at your messaging, and see if its compelling and resonant to your ideal clients. I note if there are opportunities to improve layout and visual design. I determine if there are better way to showcase your uniqueness, etc. It’s a full, detailed review.

We review it all together. 

I’ll let you know what’s working, so you don’t have to second guess yourself, and I’ll talk about where there’s opportunity for improvement.  We’ll do a Zoom call, and we’ll go through my findings screen by screen in a recorded session. It’ll be interactive. So, you can ask questions. We’ll do a bit of brainstorming together on solutions improvements. 

You’ll get an audio recording of that call, along with the screen share, that you can download to your computer and then keep permanently so you can refer to it as you make updates to your website.

And then, you’ll get one more session with me. 

After that, you’ll go off and make changes to your website, updating copy, changing design, etc., And, if you’d like, within three months we will get back on another recorded review session where you can walk me through the changes you made, showing me the updates. I’ll give you feedback, input and further suggestions if needed.

Why is there a 3 month time limit to having that final session?

Well, because I want to do everything I can to encourage you to make the changes we reviewed together. And in my experience,  a longer limit, like say, six months, makes it too easy for clients to put making the updates on the back burner. It’s less likely they’ll end up with a website that they love. 

Of course, if there’s something unusual going on, and you just can’t make that final session within the three-month window, just reach out and let me know and we’ll work something out. 

This program can help you:

  • Understand if your current website messaging clearly conveys who you help, with what and how

  • Discover how cohesive your business looks and feels through your website, including copy, overall messaging, visual identity, and high level design elements

  • Gain expert guidance and practical, detailed advice on what might need to change on your website to increase effectiveness

  • Achieve greater clarity on where your website is working well and is in alignment with your authentic self, and where it needs to improve to help your ideal clients find you

  • Learn how your About page can be used to better build trust with your potential clients

  • Create a website that feels like you, that feels like home

  • Feel confident that your website is a reflection of your own, unique essence and contains clear, effective messaging.

Your Guide

I spent much of my life looking for home. Now I want to help others find theirs.

My search for home was both literal (I lived in 15 different places across three continents over the past several decades) and metaphorical. For a long time, I lived life learning all the rules, hoping to finally fit in, until I realized that feeling at home is something I needed to find within.

Now, I know that when I’m being most unique individual self, claiming my essence, fulfilling my purpose, using all of my gifts and talents and my voice, rather than fitting in, this is when I feel most at home.

IMG_1805 c.resize.jpg copy.jpg

And that’s what I want to offer you in this program.

The chance to bring as much of your authentic self as possible into website, making it as powerful and effective as possible.

Intuitive Coach

As part of my own journey, I left my job in corporate marketing and became an intuitive coach. Several years ago, I completed an in-depth coach training program, going on to become a Martha Beck Certified Wayfinder Life Coach. Since then, I’ve spent hundreds of hours coaching individuals, creatives, and other coaches, helping them align their projects, businesses, writing and lives to their soul-selves.  

Corporate Director of Marketing

Prior to becoming a coach, I spent 15 years as a Director in a company in the talent mobility industry, working with some of the world’s largest companies. I spent the last several years of my corporate career as a Director, Global Marketing and Communications, where I created campaigns, events, website copy, and programs designed to increase customer engagement. I was also responsible for creating a harmonized content strategy, signature program content, and for overseeing copy development.

I bring all those marketing skills and combine them with my intuitive coaching skills to this program, helping you see both the big picture of your website (how it fits in with marketing best practices and how it aligns to your essential self.) And I deliver the practical detail you need to make your website more effective. 

What’s Included in This Program:

  • One 60-90-minute discovery session where I guide us through a deep exploration of you, your services and your ideal clients to understand your business and uncover your essence

  • A full review and audit of your website including your Home Page, Programs/Services/Products, About Page/Bio information, etc. to focus on:

    • Overall alignment to your essential self and the essence of your business

    • Resonance to ideal clients

    • Clarity and effectiveness of messaging and layout

    • Identifying opportunities to re-orient copy or design to better reflect your essence and showcase your uniqueness

  • One live, 60-90 minute screen-sharing session to discuss the overall audit findings, with practical, specific suggestions for improvement

  • One live, follow-up review session, to be completed within three months, for instant feedback on any changes you make to your site based on the previous findings

  • Session recordings that you can download to your own computer to review our sessions (including screen sharing) together, re-absorbing the feedback and practical advice whenever needed

  • Wisdom and coaching on any obstacles that arise during the process

Program Price: $597 USD

Are You Ready to Survey Your Website Together?

If you’re ready to start our site survey together, where I help you identify what may be working, and, more importantly, what might not be working with your website, here’s how we get started:

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If you have any questions, just send me an email.

Still Not Sure?

Feel free to ask me any questions you have about the Site Survey program. I promise I don’t do hard selling and am not trying to get you on the phone to ‘close the deal.’ 

I want you to feel comfortable to ask any questions you have. The form below is the best way to get in touch. 

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