Passion and the Uniqueness of You

She ran up the stairs, two at a time, to the small table in the corner of her bedroom. The tabletop was a now a spatter of colors – cerulean, jade, magenta. She opened an old leather briefcase filled with paint tubes and brushes. As she sat, she drank in the sharp smell of turpentine, the linseed in the paints, the cottony linen of the canvas, and smiled. She was home. Time melted away, and her heart began to flutter with love. She looked at the blank canvas, closed her eyes, and her hand began to dream on the paper.

Each one of us has a set of unique passions – things that we love spending time doing.

Things that pull us toward the doing of it. And when we’re doing those things, we feel so completely full and at home, we often lose track of time. The outer world fades away and there’s just us and this – this thing.

For me that thing is creating, and I especially love writing.

I write often and for so many different reasons. One of the things I love about writing is that feeling of being absorbed by the process. I’m lost in it, yet I’m completely present.  I can look up and minutes may’ve passes, or hours.  Sometimes I feel completely transported by writing and when I come back, it takes a few moments to realize I’m back in my room and no longer in the scene on the page. I see the post-it notes on my desk again. I hear the hum of my computer monitor nearby.

So what do your passions have to do with building a soul-based business?


Incorporating your deep passions into your creative or coaching business lets you do so many key things.  

First, you give yourself more space to do more of what you love.

And this let’s you live with that feeling of being at home with yourself more often, giving you that timeless sense of joy during your workday.

This could come to life in any number of ways, It might be creating handmade personalized cards for your clients as encouragement between sessions, putting your poetry on Instagram, or incorporating your love of spending time in nature into your coaching package.

Making sure your passions are integral to your business offerings also gives you the fire you need to continue when certain aspects of your business might not be going they way you'd originally envisioned. Because doing things we're passionate about so often feels like play, we're drawn to them, inexorably. We can't not do them.

Oh, and this could be one of the best reasons of all - incorporating your passions into your creative or coaching business simply makes the business more YOU.

You create an automatic differentiator. 

Others may be out there creating or coaching a serving a similar niche, but no one else will be doing it in quite the same way you'll be doing it.

You’ll be shining your light based on the uniqueness of you.


And what about you? What are some of your passions? How could you incorporate one of them into your offering or create more space for it in your business today?  

Hit reply or post a comment below and let me know if you have some ideas. I’d love to hear from you!



Photo by Ella Jardim on Unsplash