The Brilliance of Uncertainty

She sat down at the small table she’d placed in front of her bedroom window. The room itself was tiny, barely enough room to stand and walk around in now that she’d brought the table up from the basement. The chair was still dusty in spots, the wicker backing was fraying, and it looked tired next to the small table; but the view from the window was vast. She looked out over the mist rising off the lavender fields across the way. The air seemed to shiver in expectation. The sun was still shrouded, but she knew soon enough its brilliance would burn through the uncertain veil and you’d be able to see a lush rug of pale violet. She smiled to herself and picked up her pen. After a moment’s whisper, she began to write the words that floated through her head as they emerged, barely recognizable until she gave them shape, their own identity.

That’s how I’m doing business these days. Showing up every day, to my table and chair, looking out my window and starting. Knowing that the uncertainty I feel is beautiful in its own way, a gentle gauzy blanket that will, I know with a deep certainty, burn away. And I’ll be left with something brilliant.

And you? What about you?

Is there anywhere in your business or creative work where you sense a veil of uncertainty? 

Is there anywhere you can’t see clearly?

If so, I invite you to start anyway, and see what brilliance emerges for you out of the mist.





Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash