Write Your Way to Great Content Ideas

You’re sitting at your desk, the laptop screen in front of you.

You flip back through your journal or idea book for ideas for this week’s blog post, and once again, you are drawing a blank.

Maybe you have so much to say, it’s hard to narrow it down.

Maybe you think what you have to say isn’t relevant to your audience.

Or that it’s all being said already by so many other people.

You think to yourself: What do I have to add?

You’re stuck, and it feels thick and heavy.

I see you.

I know how hard it can feel sometimes to come up with something compelling to write about.

Creating Meaningful Content

Creating a meaningful article sometimes feels a bit like trying to buy a present for someone you don’t know and haven’t met before.

You’ll probably have lots of suggestions and input from other people on what that person would like or not. But in the end, you just don’t know for sure.

Coming up with what to write about for your audience can feel intimidating but it doesn’t have to be. One of the best approaches to combat this is to create a content strategy.

Creating a content strategy - one that’s robust and reflects the types of information your ideal clients are looking for - is part of having a strong marketing plan. It keeps your messaging consistent and relevant. And, importantly, you’re not left looking for topics to write about every week, making creating content easier.

Developing a content strategy takes a bit of time and planning; and it’s something I help clients with as part of aligning the face of their business with their essential selves.

Having said that, there’s another approach I’ll share with you today - one that taps into and uses your own inner wisdom as a guide.

Use Writing as A Portal

Writing is the issue, you might be wondering, so how can it help?

Even though you do have to write the article, writing itself can also act as a doorway to your creative spirit. You can use writing, reflective writing, to help you identify a topic to share with your potential clients. And doing it this way helps ensure your idea is something uniquely your own, something that will let your readers see your own unique point of view.

Get started by following these four simple steps.

Get Quiet

As always, tapping into our own inner guidance system requires you to quiet your mind and settle into yourself. So, take a few minutes to breathe deeply and ground.

Start with an Intention

Next, close your eyes and sink into your desire to write something that will help you ideal clients. Picture one person in particular, either a client you’ve worked with in the past or someone you know that you believe would really benefit from your services

Ask, Then Wait

Next, reflect, while asking yourself, what do I want to tell this one person?

Don’t ask from your mind, but from your heart-center.

Ask, and then wait.

Wait for something to come you to.

You may see an image, hear sounds or words and phrases. You may sense an image. You may get a perception of something. You may get a sense of knowing, that’s not entirely discernible.

You may have a whisper of something you can’t quite put your finger on.


Then, staying present, put your pen to the page and get down what came to you.

Write it down, no matter what you may think of it or if you can’t see any obvious connection between what came to you and your business.

Once you’ve written down what came to you, let curiosity take over and explore it on the page.  

You do this by creating a stream of consciousness dialogue that starts with a question:

So, what is it about this (insert your image, perception, etc.) that can help my ideal clients?  

You aren’t writing the thing yet, but you are writing to get to the thing you’ll write about.

An Example

I used this process to write this blog post.

After I got grounded and quiet, I pictured an ideal client. I asked myself “What do I want to tell her?”

What came to me as I reflected was a knowing that said: “Your retreat.”

I’m hosting a women’s reflective writing retreat in a couple of weeks, and it wasn’t at all obvious what that retreat has to do with coaches, healers or creatives building businesses that align with their soul-selves. I couldn’t see a connection.

I wrote it down anyway.

And then I asked myself on the page “What is it about my writing retreat that can help my ideal clients?”

And I started an inner dialogue.

I noticed right away I wanted to dismiss the whole thing, and I remembered what Martha Beck calls the Furies.

I knew I was onto something.

I kept writing in dialogue, rattling through a few thoughts when out of the blue I wrote: “The core of our retreat is teaching people to use reflective writing as a doorway to self-discovery, but it’s also brilliant for other types of writing. You use it for fiction, essays, poetry, etc. and yes, for blog posts.”

And, voila! That was it.

I use aspects of reflective writing to write my blog posts, and I wanted to share it with other business owners as a portal to help them with their own content writing.

Setting up a content strategy can help alleviate the pressure of trying to find relevant topics to write about on a consistent basis, and you can also access your own inner wisdom for guidance.

If you take a few minutes to get still, ask what you should write about, stay open to whatever you receive and then explore that in writing on the page, you’ll find something to share with your audience. And the best part will be is that it’ll fresh, and uniquely you.


If you are a coach, healer or creative struggling to get clients who wants to create a program or service that feels aligned to your essence,and take the first few steps marketing it in a way that feels authentic, please reach out to me for a quick chat. I’d love to offer you a free assessment call or we can just talk through what’s on your mind.

There’s no obligation to work with me and you won’t get any icky sales stuff with me, that’s not how I operate.

If it’s something you’d be interested in, just drop me a quick note and I’ll follow up.


Photo by Debby Hudson on Unsplash