Give Your Business Just What It Needs

There’s so much noise out there in the marketplace about six-figure years, four-hour work weeks and work from the beach benefits. Amidst all that, it can be hard to hear what your business needs. When you’re a newer coach, healer or creative, what your business needs most may not be a 5-figure launch.

I’m not saying income goals are a bad thing, or that business owners don’t need income from their businesses, but when newer coaches, healers or creatives make that their sole focus, something tends to get lost. They can easily make the mistake of thinking what their business needs is something other than what it does. Something other than what’s appropriate for where it’s at in its stage of development.

They might end up thinking that what it needs is a better marketing plan, a more comprehensive social media strategy, or a jazzed up new website.

when what it really needs is something all-together different.

New Businesses

New businesses are a lot like newborns. The most important things you can do for a newborn baby is to show up all the time, love it unconditionally, while trying to learn what it wants.  That’s also often what new businesses need the most from their owners - someone who shows up day after day, putting the work in. Someone who loves their business madly, without a string of expectations attached to it.  And someone who’s really trying to figure out what the business needs at any given moment.

Putting income earning expectations on a nascent business is a bit like expecting a newborn to sleep through the night because that’s what the books said would happen if you follow their amazing strategy.

There are a lot of things your business might need when it’s in the earliest stages of development, such as:

  • A clear and convincing message that draws in potential clients.

  • Clearly constructed programs and services that you love and that reflect your deepest essence.

  • A website that both aligns with your authentic self and that shows ideal clients that you understand and empathize with what they’re dealing with.

  • An About Page that grows trust and demonstrates that you have the experience and modality that can help them solve the things their struggling with.

Any or all of that, and more. It could also need different types of emotional support too, like Love, Acceptance, Patience, Celebration.

Even if your business isn’t new, it’s still so, so important to be able to discern what exactly your business needs from you right now.  

So how do you do this? How do you find out what your business really needs?

You start with two simple steps.

How to Uncover What Your Business Needs

Get Still and Ground

Before anything, find time where you can be alone and undisturbed for a period. Sit in a chair with your back straight and your feet on the floor.

Then take five deep belly breaths, relaxing your body more deeply with every inhale and exhale. Tune into your body and scan for any areas of tension, noticing them, but not trying to change them.

Once you’ve scanned your body, ground. You can do this by imagining yourself as a tree, with roots growing out of your feet deep into the nourishing soil. Feel the strength of this connection.

Go Ask

Once you are still and grounded, move to your journal or a blank piece of paper. Write the following question at the top of the page “Business, what do you want from me?” and start a dialogue, writing down what comes to you as you hear it, stream of consciousness.

When you’re writing, don’t censor anything and get it all down. Sometimes what we write doesn’t make sense to us. If we move out of that receiving mode too soon and start analyzing the information, we lose that connection.

Often when we get messages from our soul, we‘re surprised.

Our mind thinks the business needs one thing, but our inner wisdom knows differently. So stay open to what comes.

Once you’ve done this practice, you can bring the information back to your logical mind and see what the next smallest possible step is that you can take to give your business just what it needs.

There is perfection in how things unfold, and magic to trusting your own inner compass as you move toward growing your business, Toward turning your dreams into something real.

As you get more in the habit of asking your business what it needs, you’ll be surprised at how much better you are at discerning what it really needs versus what everyone else says it needs.

And, as you meet your business’s needs, just like a newborn baby, those early days will pass, and soon you’ll watch it growing in ways you may never have imagined.  

Photo by Yousef Espanioly on Unsplash