Help Potential Clients See You as an Expert  

One rainy morning a few years ago, I noticed water on the floor next to our living room fireplace. After looking around for any obvious explanation (kids, cats, etc.), I glanced up and noticed paint peeling off the drywall and a water stain crawling across the ceiling.

A leak.

Our roof was under 10 years old, and I was pretty sure it didn’t need replacing. What could be wrong?

I had a feeling (maybe it was a hope) the problem could be easily fixed, but honestly, I had no idea if that was the case or not…

Two Companies, Two Approaches

I called around and got two recommendations for local companies that worked on roofs.

One was a highly recommended roofing contractor that does nothing but repair and replace roofs.

The other was an equally well-liked remodeling company that, in addition to roofing, does siding, windows, master bathroom remodels, kitchen overhauls, children’s playrooms and more.

I knew if I waited too long to address this type of problem, it would only grow more complicated.

I knew I needed an expert.

Targeting the Expert

In the end, I called the roofing contractor. They came out and fixed the issue - previous homeowners caulked around the chimney instead of installing a proper drainage system.

So, what does this have to do with coaching, healing and creative businesses?

A lot, actually.

Being targeted in your programs can help potential customers better see you as the one to serve them.

Specificity Sells

In order to make money in your business, you need something to sell. In other words, a program - a product, service or offering of some sort.  

And programs are one way your potential customers come to understand your business.

Many coaches, healers and creatives are tempted to stay general when they start out creating programs and services, hoping to attract as many people as possible to sign up. This means, however, they might not be perceived as the specialist their ideal clients feel they need.

That other company, the one I didn’t call? They do repair and replace roofs. They also do a lot of other stuff too. For me in that moment, I wanted someone who focused on roofs because I knew there was something out of the ordinary going on.

I wanted to work with someone who specialized in what I needed.

Your ideal clients want the same thing.

How to Create Well-Defined Programs

When clients are looking for help, they want to see their specific problems, and a pathway to healing, reflected in the services they’re considering. This helps them feel confident that this offer is one that will really help. If the program concept and/or description are too general, it might not resonate as well.

There are a number of steps involved in creating a solid program, product or service, but a great starting point is to answer these two questions:

1.       What is one major problem your ideal clients struggle with?

2.       What specifically can you create to help solve that problem?

Here are two examples:

Problem: Your ideal clients feel like they never have enough time

Solution: Your program helps them deconstruct their thoughts about time. Another approach could be to focus on understanding and committing to prioritization


Problem: Your ideal clients are in a difficult relationship, and daily interactions with their partner leave them feeling like they are going crazy

Solution: Your program helps them understand how to learn to trust their own inner compass and detach from beliefs about what romantic relationships should be like

Your ideal clients may be experiencing many issues, likely interrelated; by design your program will address many of them. You can talk about all of this on the sales page and in your promotional copy.

To create your offer though, start by identifying one problem.

Your offer then becomes one strong solution.

This will help keep your program focused, making it easier for your ideal clients to recognize you as the expert you really are.


If you are a coach, creative or healer who would like more clients and who wants help creating a unique business program offer that aligns with your soul, please consider reaching out to me. I’d love to chat, hear about your business and see how I could be of service.

Photo by Joshua K. Jackson on Unsplash